Structural Repairs
Cost-effective, clean, non-intrusive and using the latest techniques in structural repairs, our structural repair solutions offer you a choice of techniques to solve your structural repair problem depending on the type of property you have.
Replacement Wall Ties
HLS Northwest Limited have undertaken small to large projects using varied types of cavity ties, some ties are more suitable than others for domestic brick applications. We have found BrickFix DriveTie helical wall ties provide a simple and fast method of installing wall ties into existing cavity walls - e.g. where the original wall ties have corroded or were installed incorrectly.
They are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel bar (316 grade available on request) and are driven into masonry using a special drill attachment.
Most wall tie applications carry a 20 yr guarantee.
All BrickFix wall ties are installed in accordance with the advice given in BRE Digest 329 and BRE Digest 401. Wall Tie InstallationDriveTie helical wall ties are installed using a special fixing tool that attaches to an SDS drill.


Crack Repair – Masonry Walls
The Brickfix Crack Stitching System offers a fast and cost-effective solution for crack repair in masonry walls. The system allows cracks in masonry to be stabilized by bonding Brickfix helical crack stitching bar into slots cut into the wall's mortar course using specially formulated Brickfix grouts.
It should be noted that this method of crack repair can only stabilize the symptoms of cracked masonry walls. It will not cure the cause of the crack (e.g. subsidence). For this reason, it is recommended that a structural engineer is consulted before undertaking crack repairs.
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