Woodworm is a common term for a number of different species of wood-boring beetles which can cause severe damage to timber in buildings. Adult beetles lay their eggs in small cracks and crevices which hatch into larvae and carry out the damaging tunneling in the wood. The larvae pupate into an adult beetle which emerges through a fresh borehole to breed and continue the next generation.
By far the most common species of woodworm in the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle. Despite its name, Common Furniture Beetle is just as likely to attack building timbers (joists, floorboards, etc...) as it is to attack furniture.
This species of woodworm can be identified by the small, round holes that are left on the surface of the timber (approx. 1.5 - 2mm diameter) and the bore-dust that it leaves behind - showing up as lemon-shaped pellets under magnification and feel "gritty" when rubbed between the fingers. The adult beetle is typically between 3 and 5mm long. A key identifying feature is a distinctly-shaped thorax - giving the appearance of a monk's hood over the beetle's head.
In most cases, the treatment of Common Furniture Beetle is fairly straightforward. Any structurally-weakened timber should be removed and replaced with pre-treated timber.
Other types of woodworm common to the UK include the Deathwatch Beetle, the House Longhorn Beetle, and the Powderpost beetle. Whilst the Powderpost Beetle can be treated in much the same way as the Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn and Deathwatch beetle infestations require more extensive treatment.
An inspection can be carried out by our qualified CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment) surveyor who will identify the type of Beetle, specify and carry out a cost-effective solution covered by our normal 20 yr Guarantee (insurance backed guarantees are available issued by IGL).


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